Automated Parking Systems

Automated parking systems or APS are super space-efficient parking facilities. They can double the parking density compared to multi-storey car parks. And they are
+ more sustainable,
+ safer and more secure than traditional car parks or parking lots.

Eliminating Wasted Space

The typical car park is full of wasteful space for one basic reason: people. The average car parking space is much larger than needed to park a car because of people. Extra wide parking spaces make parking easier and allow drivers and passengers to open car doors when parked. Similarly, the typical parking space is deeper and ceilings higher in order to accommodate drivers and pedestrians.

One of the largest wastes of space in a car park is the driving lanes and ramps. While these are necessary for people to drive to and from parking spaces, they contribute nothing to the space needed for parking cars. Other wasted spaces include stairways, lifts/elevators, walkways and the added space for disabled parking…all accommodations for people. Automated parking systems eliminate the space typically wasted in car parks by removing

Driverless Parking – Automated Parking Systems

Automated parking systems eliminate much of the space wasted in traditional parking facilities by taking people out of the parking process and out of the parking area. An automatic mechanical system picks up cars and transports them to parking spaces. It reverses the process to return cars to their drivers. This way APS utilize much smaller parking spaces and eliminate driving lanes, ramps, lifts, stairs, etc. The automated parking system also eliminates the need for people to be in the parking area. Drivers drop off and pick up cars in open and well-lighted entrances at ground level…eliminating the need to walk through often-scary car parking areas.

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