PSA affirms its right development

On May 1st, 2016 in Hanoi , PSA organized Workers Conference to Summation of the manufacturing business in 2015 , deployment tasks in 2016. Mr Vu Tien Duong- General director of Petrosetco and representatives of the Boards and Chairman of Petrosetco Union attended.

2015 is a difficult year of PSA . Because of the reduction in oil prices and the end of the contract in term of management and operation of a number of buildings , PSA had to have discounts for more than a half of the PSA contract in providing services to partners and customers.

However, the provision of services to new customers , in other industries has brought substantial revenue, this confirms the right direction of the PSA . The key production target such as revenue, profitability , budget were exceeded according to the plan 2 figures , notably pre-tax profit reached 20 %, made PSA became the Petrosetco point in 2015. Dividends paid to shareholders for 22 % is expected by many business units.

At the conference , many individuals had the opportunity to share problems and experiences , as well as the results of their work. Their ideas were noted by the director board so that they could make effort to build a strong PSA.

The conference also praised, rewarded for the collective and individuals with outstanding achievements in 2015 and launched new movement in 2016.

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